Hi, I’m Ossi Luo­to­nen, the foun­der of KEI­NO into nature.

My most memo­rable expe­riences have taken place on my adven­tu­res in natu­re. Eve­ry now and then, I struggle when natu­re puts obs­tacles on my way. Other times, when the weat­her is favou­rable and I see the gor­geous sce­ne­ries around me, it feels as if not­hing could be bet­ter. Per­haps this is why I have felt most ali­ve during my natu­re explo­ra­tions. Life turns simple, and the sta­te of being crys­tal­li­ses back into the essence. The­re is space left for thoughts, and time left for sen­sing the sur­roun­ding world.

Per­so­nal­ly, I enjoy natu­re by padd­ling, fis­hing, and hiking in the sum­mer. In the autumn, I like to hunt and pick mush­rooms and ber­ries. In the win­ter and spring, I am hap­py skiing and ice fishing.

KEI­NO into natu­re has been foun­ded out of pas­sion for Fin­nish natu­re and the desi­re to also make it pos­sible for others to disco­ver its diver­si­ty and peace. That is why I would love to pro­vi­de you with the oppor­tu­ni­ty to recei­ve a genui­ne, lei­su­re­ly natu­re expe­rience – a memo­rable moment or adven­tu­re to look back to for years to come.

If you have an idea for a trip but you are hesi­tant to rea­li­se it due to a lack of infor­ma­tion or skills, plea­se feel free to con­tact us. It will be my plea­su­re to come along and be your guide!