Rental Service


For your river and whi­tewa­ter padd­ling trips, we offer for rent high-qua­li­ty 16 ft open canoes for 2 per­sons, as well as first-rate gear neces­sa­ry to take with you. The mini­mum ren­tal period is 24 hours.

The loca­tion and time of the fetc­hing of the canoes will be agreed on case-speci­fical­ly. If you wish to trans­port the canoes on your own, plea­se con­sult us about the com­pa­ti­bi­li­ty of your carrier.

Rent / Canoe

1 day 55 €
2 days 105 €
3 days 150 €
4 days 190 €
5 days 225 €
6 days 260 €

First week 295 €
Fol­lowing weeks 245 €

Canoe ren­tal includes

  • canoe
  • 2 padd­les + 1 spa­re paddle
  • 2 padd­ling helmets
  • 2 life jackets
  • 2 water­proof pack barrels
  • load adjust­ment straps
  • tow rope
  • hand bai­ler

Ren­tal conditions

Transport Service


We will trans­port you and your padd­ling gear to your pre­fer­red loca­tion and col­lect you from an agreed loca­tion at an agreed time. Our ope­ra­tio­nal area covers the who­le of Fin­nish Lapland, as well as nort­hern Swe­den and nort­hern Norway. The maxi­mum group size is 8 people at a time.

We also trans­port groups from Rova­nie­mi to adven­tu­re des­ti­na­tions wit­hout gear. In the­se cases, no star­ting fee is charged.

If the trans­por­ta­tion doesn’t both lea­ve from and return to Rova­nie­mi, the trans­port fee will be agreed on separately.

Inform us about your need of trans­por­ta­tion and ask for an offer!

Guided Adventures


We offer you cus­to­mi­sed, indi­vi­dua­li­sed adven­tu­res, varying from shor­ter day trips to week-long off-grid adven­tu­res. With us, you will be able to learn all essen­tial natu­re sur­vi­val skills and know­led­ge, such as navi­ga­tion, fire making, fis­hing, cam­ping, pre­pa­ring food in natu­re, safe­ty, skiing tech­niques, padd­ling tech­niques, hiking hacks, ani­mals, and use­ful plants. You can deci­de whet­her you wish to learn and prac­tice basic natu­re sur­vi­val skills, or focus more on simply relaxing and enjo­ying. A cus­to­mi­sed adven­tu­re can take place anyw­he­re in Lapland, depen­ding on your wis­hes and pre­fe­rences. Usual­ly, a mini­bus (max 8 ppl) is used for the trans­por­ta­tion to the star­ting point of the trip. When an adven­tu­re is plan­ned to take place in the most remo­te areas of the wil­der­ness, anot­her kind of trans­por­ta­tion means is pos­sible: motor sled, helicop­ter, or seapla­ne. Our instruc­tion lan­gua­ges are Fin­nish and English.

If you are acti­ve and inte­res­ted in lear­ning new things during a gui­ded adven­tu­re, you won’t neces­sa­ri­ly need a gui­de with you on the next one any­mo­re, as the skills and know­led­ge you have gai­ned will enable you with the free­dom to inde­pen­dent­ly explo­re whe­re­ver you desire!

Examples of the con­tent of our sum­mer adventures

On a padd­ling adven­tu­re, you will learn the basics of wil­der­ness padd­ling, as we canoe in clear rivers or lakes, fol­lowing a rou­te of a desi­red length. We might take a break to fish and swim in att­rac­ti­ve spots, and we will prac­tice cam­ping in beau­ti­ful, remo­te wil­der­ness landsca­pes. We can also visit the land for hikes to inte­res­ting des­ti­na­tions. We will use por­table coo­kers to pre­pa­re hike meals over the camp­fi­re, and if we are luc­ky, we will be eating fish we have caught during the adven­tu­re. You will also learn to navi­ga­te in waters.

By hiking, we will be able to explo­re the purest and most beau­ti­ful envi­ron­ments Fin­land has to offer. You will learn to cross brooks and rivers, read the map, and navi­ga­te using the sha­pes of the ter­rain for your advan­ta­ge. You can deci­de the key ele­ments of the hiking adven­tu­re – e.g. fis­hing, pho­to­grap­hing, gat­he­ring, or, say, birdwatc­hing or obser­va­tion of plants.

Examples of the con­tent of our win­ter adventures

On sli­ding snows­hoes or skis, we can go on a win­ter hike during which you will learn the basics of sur­vi­val in a win­te­ry envi­ron­ment. You will be able to safe­ly disco­ver the beau­ty of win­te­ry natu­re in remo­te areas, whe­re we might not see a single sign of other people for seve­ral days. We can stay the night in a self-made snow shel­ter, a tent, or alter­na­ti­ve­ly, we can reser­ve a wil­der­ness hut.

We can also go ice fis­hing on remo­te lakes and rivers using sli­ding snows­hoes or skis, or we can arran­ge motor sled trans­por­ta­tion. On over­night adven­tu­res, we will stay the night in tents, wil­der­ness huts, or snow shel­ters. You will learn how to fish from beneath the ice, and in the ear­ly spring, you will be able to expe­rience what it feels like to be sit­ting on ice whi­le ice fis­hing under the hot sun with only a t-shirt on.